Thematic Conference

Building tourism destinations’ resilience to respond to crisis: How you recover competitiveness by regenerating your business model?

The conflict in Ukraine will impact the European tourism ecosystem, which is showing signals of recovery from the strong decline caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Already noticeable is the ricing energy prices which combined with unexpected new socio-economic crises will increase the costs of travel, tourism infrastructure and services, reduce the holiday budget and disrupt the visitor flows, either intra-European or from long haul markets. This requires a stronger an renewed tourism governance, where all actors – tourism policy makers, destination management organizations, enterprises, residents, researchers – join forces to respond an adapt.

During this conference NECSTouR will respond to the subsequent crisis affecting the regional tourism ecosystems by delivering guidance to build destination’s resilience. We will dive into the pillars of tourism destination’s resilience, working from trends to actionable regional and local policies collectively implemented and into concrete actions:

  1. Adaptation to climate change
  2. The social dimension
  3. Resilience to disruptions
  4. Skills and workforce
  5. Energy infrastructure

During this conference you will learn why tourism destinations need to regenerate, why values will compete with volumes, how to move from vision into action and how you can contribute.